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October 2, 2017

Tell us about C2 Films

At C2 Films, we provide truly exceptional wedding videography services across Melbourne and Sydney. We aim to capture your wedding day memories flawlessly and artfully. We are proud to be taking Melbourne and Sydney wedding videos to new heights, and helping you celebrate and remember your perfect day.

We appreciate the uniqueness of your wedding. We know weddings cannot be defined by
one style, so we offer mix of distinct genres to reflect your individuality. We believe your
wedding should be emotional, beautiful and personal and we believe our films should be a
reflection of what makes you, you: crazy, gorgeous and perfectly imperfect.


What inspired you to become a videographer?

Well there is a long story behind that, but without going into too much depth, I was raised without a family, only by chance I was asked to assist a videographer at wedding and I truly fell in love with it. Being around families each weekend I adopt them as my own and fill that much needed void and in return I am able to capture the day with true depth and authenticity, because I truly DO care about the people I’m around.


What are your favourite events to capture?

Anything big! Jewish, European, Asian. I love culture and story and love love love traditions.


Any tips for booking videographers for events?

Make sure the film is tailored to your specific occasion. Make sure you are a part of the process in creating the film. And something often overlooked, make sure your videographer is well presented.  For they are going to up there at the ceremony next to you, you will spend so much time thinking about you’re going to wear, you don’t want someone spending the day with you in designer jeans and runners. Your videographer MUST be dressed as if they are attending your wedding as a guest.


Want to know more about C2 Films? Find out here


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