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ASK AN EXPERT: Social Playground

June 30, 2016



Leading the way in digital experiences, Social Playground certainly knows how to add a real point of difference to any event.


In this edition of Ask an Expert, our friends from Social Playground tell us a bit more about how they got started and some of the fun things they have seen in front of the camera!


Tell us about Social Playground

Social Playground are the instigators of fun! We offer a range of digital "toys" that seriously leave your standard photo booth for dead. Our Hashtag Printer, GIF Booth, Selfie Mirrors and Live Feeds enable brides and grooms to create amazing memories on their wedding day AND provide something unique to their tech-savvy (and not so tech-savvy - looking at your Grandma) guests.


We provide an energetic event attendant to stay on site for the duration of the wedding so that every guest gets involved and the bride and groom are left with a lifetime of memories.


Where did the idea come from?

Our hero product, the Hashtag Printer, was the very first of its kind to launch here in Australia. We spotted this amazing trend at the parties of New York and our founder, Annabelle Smith, knew it would be a huge hit in Australia too. 2000 events later and we haven't looked back!


What’s all the hype behind a GIFGIF and what’s your secret to making a good one?

Our amazing GIFGIF is the ultimate party starter. Perfect for the tech-savvy bride who prefers her guest book to be the digital variety, we provide a link to an online gallery of all the Gif's created on the night. There's nothing better than spending your honeymoon cracking up over the crazy gif videos that your nearest and dearest have created. The secret to making a good one is in the subtlety... eye rolls, cheeky air kisses... you get the idea ;)


What’s the best event Social Playground have been involved in?

This is too hard to answer! We have been part of over 200 weddings and thousands of other events and each and every one is so much fun. We sometimes have to pinch ourselves that this is actually a job! 


What’s the funniest thing you guys have seen happen in one of your booths?

Given all our "booths" are open, there aren't any crazy antics happening out of sight. Instead, every guest adds to the spectacle as they pose, pout and twerk in front of the camera. Entertainment guaranteed!


Cel x 

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